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  1. Tony Levens

    Hi! I really want to hike the Lemon Squeeze with my son, as we have done many times before, but I’m now in my 60s, and wish they did not do away with the bus from the parking lot to the Mountain House, so I don’t have to walk all that distance, just to get to the trailhead. Is there any other way to get from the parking lot to the trailhead (The Mountain House)? Thanks! Tony. [email protected]

    1. Mike

      Hi, Tony! If you’re willing to spend a few more bucks, you can book a meal at the Mohonk Mountain House, which enables you to park all the way up by the house itself. You can then explore the grounds (including the Labyrinth) – a day pass is included in the price of the meal. Pricier, but it’s an option. hope that helps, and I hope you and your son have a wonderful time if you go! (Here’s a link to their meal options:

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