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  1. Jeff Kent

    I hiked up the white trail from the lower lot…on purpose. I knew no one in my family would want to go up with me, but they might hike around the lake. The waterfall is worth seeing and it’s not far up from the lower lot. Don’t hike down to it from the top though, it’s too far. The trail was a little bit snowy/icy and very slick with a layer of mud on top of frozen ground. I did a slow motion ‘keep on truckin’ slide and wound up on my butt.

    1. Jeff Kent

      Oh, if you do visit the waterfall you may notice a large cross and memorial for Derek Wood. He was an 18 year old who was hit by a drunk driver in Port Ewen in 2013. I’m guessing that the waterfall was a favorite spot of his.

      1. Mike

        Really appreciate the information, Jeff — thank you for taking the time to share it. (And very sorry to hear about the story behind that memorial – so sad.)

  2. Secil

    It’s so helpful to have the info from someone who has done it and documented it when going on trails we have not tried before – thanks for putting these together. Last year we did the Minnewaska one following your directions, and loved it. This year I was looking for less popular hikes due to COVID-19, so I cross-checked your list with the suggestions on NYNJTC ( and we ended up at Shaupeneak Ridge. The blue trail around Luisa Pond was easy and picturesque. Lots of water lilies and a couple of perfectly positioned wooden benches made for excellent photo ops. The doggy (why we need to look at the child ratings :)) enjoyed every new scent and his ears kept perking up as chipmunks hopped around. Came across only 1 small family + 1 solo hiker + 1 hiker &dog on a Sunday afternoon. So recommend this for others who are looking for a chill walk without too many people encounters. Sadly, we did not get to the waterfalls as the thunderstorm was approaching, so hoping to go back and see the waterfalls next time. The upper parking lot is quite small, so it’s a good thing it isn’t very popular or maybe it is popular and we were the only fools going when thunderstorms were in the forecast:)

    1. Mike

      Thanks so much for the kind words and helpful details, Secil! Many more happy adventures to you!

  3. Richard Goldstone

    There is a seven mile “lollipop” loop starting and ending with the white trail and including parts of the red, yellow, blue, orange, and green trails that I’ve now done about ten times. On these trails, there are a large number of chalked markings on rocks. Most of them are numbers like 9-2 but there are other markings. Can anyone say what all this “decoration” is about? As far as I’m concerned it is pure graffiti and needs to be cleaned up and then forcefully discouraged!

  4. Matt

    Pictures clearly shows a dog not on a leash. Town of Esopus code requires dogs to be on a leash.

    § 68-18.1
    Prohibited actions.
    [Added 11-18-1999 by L.L. No. 3-1999]
    No person owning, keeping, harboring or having the custody and control of any dog shall permit or allow the dog to engage in the following actions:

    Be at large on any school premises or recreational areas, or the sidewalks adjacent thereto, unless said dog is on leash.

  5. Jen

    Just visited today! Blue and Red trails were pretty easy breezy, the view of the Hudson was definitely minimal due to the leaves of the trees but still a nice stop. Ventured down the White trail to the waterfall and stopped there for a snack and water break. It was a bit steep at spots but an enjoyable challenge. My biggest bit of advice – BRING BUG SPRAY!

  6. Jonah

    Hi Mike,

    We are planning to do a hike here soon, but I was wondering if the red trail’s hilly section would be suitable for an old (13 year old) dog. Also, if we went down to the waterfall, am I correct that that would be a 4-mile total loop? Thanks for the great site!!!


  7. Ann Byrne

    Funny, not funny thing about the great Demon Shaupeneak….when I finally got it right we became super Besties. Then last November my foot got struck under a leaf covered roof as I was getting toward the end of the Lake Loop and I broke many, many a thing, My elbow, my wrist, my finger, my pride. Upside? I got out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 32. Downside? I am nervous now, but I will not give up. I have eased myself back in this year. HOWEVER, all in all, no matter how small the trail, I am still getting out there AND I was just telling someone about Mike and The Hike. GRateful for my reconnection to nature.

    1. Mike

      Thanks so much, Anna! I’ve honestly never parked at the lower lot, though I do plan on checking it out someday, just to see the waterfall. When that day comes, your comment has helped ensure that I will gird my loins accordingly. Thank you!

  8. Ann Elizabeth Byrne/BoomKat

    Today’s hike would be why I always lose at board games. I don’t follow directions. Ended up parking at the wrong spot and heading up some White Trail, which was steep. Well, steep for me anyway. I stopped at an amazing waterfall situation though….WINNING! Turned around there and headed back down. I think I left my right lung there, will have to go back and retrieve it next week… trail, different parking, keeping lungs.

    1. Mike

      Hey there, BoomKat! Hope you had a better run if you made it back out there again! You could also check with Anna from the comment above and see if she found any of your lungs out on the White Trail 🙂

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