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    1. Mike

      Hi, Brian! There are some outbuildings around the estate that are labeled as private residences (including the one shown in Step 10 above — is it possible you were looking at that building?), but the park itself is open, along with the hike documented above. If you enter from the Rt 9 entrance described in the “Directions to the trailhead” section above (you can click the GPS coordinates to take you to the right spot), I suspect you’ll have better luck. Hope that helps, and happy adventuring to you!

  1. Barbara

    Thanks for the Vanderbilt Light Show on Dec 16.
    It was simple and plain to us today. But when Fredrick and Louise lived at the mansion, I’m sure that is what they would have shown. After all, Mr. Vanderbilt was the first person in Hyde Park to have Electricity (DC Power). What was shown in 2018 is what might have been shown in the early 1900’s. The white light at appeared at the center of the mansion on the third floor – was that Mr. Vanderbilt’s room and might he have been watching all the visitors drive by?
    Again, thanks for the display.

    1. Mike

      Hi, Lisa! Leashed pooches are allowed on the grounds and trails, and all the spots outlined above. To bring them into the mansion, they must be dressed in a top hat and monocle. (Actually, they’re not allowed in the mansion, no matter how dressed for the occasion they might be. The park has a nice page with the rules for furry visitors:

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