The good folks at the Hudson Valley Magazine reached out a few months ago to see if I’d be willing to put together a feature on hiking with kids, which, along with misplacing phone chargers and microwaving chicken nuggets, happens to be a specialty of mine.

During my ten years of parenthood, I’ve found that kids make excellent hiking companions, if you can’t find anybody sane to hike with you. 

(But seriously, bringing my kids to some of our wondrous Hudson Valley outdoor destinations has been a highlight of my life, and I hope Hike the Hudson Valley has helped others to have the same types of experiences.)

The resulting eight-page “Hiking with kids” feature in July’s Hudson Valley Magazine gives a quick overview of six hikes that feature relatively easy strolls to big huge payoffs. 

Don’t have kids?  Have kids but prefer to ditch them?  That’s okay! These hikes are also fun without kids!  And probably much quieter that way! (But really you probably shouldn’t ditch them. Who knows what they’ll get into while you’re gone.)

Check out the July issue of Hudson Valley Magazine to find out more!

Of course, nothing beats having the actual, physical magazine, so if you don’t already have a copy, you should go purchase one right now.  I’ll wait here.

Oh, you’re back already?  Great!  Hope you enjoy flipping through the pages! 

Ooooh, look at that Saratoga Guide!  Oh, and a feature on famous astronauts who trained at West Point?  Who are they?  So many interesting things in there!  Hey, what’s that down there, under the horses’ hooves?  HIKING WITH KIDS: 6 SHORT HIKES TO BIG VIEWS?? Sounds like some page-turning material right there!

Really, Hudson Valley Magazine did an awesome job with that spread, their editors are an absolute pleasure to work with, and I hope readers of the magazine find that section useful. 

Once you’ve had a chance to buy the magazine and learn all sorts of awesome stuff about the Hudson Valley, you can also click this link to read the online version of the article. Not the same as the paper version, of course, but a decent runner-up.

Hope you find some useful information in there, and thank you to Hudson Valley Magazine for the opportunity to contribute.

Happy hiking with your little minions, everyone! 

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  1. Joe Hark

    That’s Awesome! I recently created my own blog/ website about hiking in Jacksonville, Florida.
    Hopefully my page get’s as popular as yours is. Congrats on all the success!

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