High Banks Preserve

Difficulty: 3 out of 10 (friendly stroll with gentle inclines)
Distance: 3.1 miles, Loop
Approximate roundtrip time: 1.5 hours
Total ascent: 370 ft
Max elevation: 294 ft above sea level
This hike is for you if: You want to take a nice stroll in the woods around a new, well-maintained preserve with varied terrain and interesting trails.

Teatown Lake Reservation

Difficulty: 4 out of 10 (winding, rolling, relatively flat hike)
Fees: **UPDATE April 2018** Cheapskate alert! “To help manage increased visitation to our preserve during peak periods, Teatown will charge $5 to non-members for parking on weekends and holidays beginning October 1, 2017. We appreciate our members, who will always park for free.” (Thanks to Jeff Kent for pointing this out in the comments. Five bones well-spent.)
Distance: 4.2 miles, Loop
Approximate roundtrip time: 2.5 Hours
Total ascent: 542 ft
Max elevation: 606 ft above sea level
This hike is for you if: You want to take a pleasant stroll in a beautiful preserve with interesting things to see all around. Also, you have a thing for lily pads.

Wittenberg Mountain

Difficulty: 10 out of 10 (long climb up a big fat mountain with some very steep sections and light rock scrambling toward the top)
Fees: Cheapskate alert!  The day-use fee at Woodland Valley Campground (where you’ll park to tackle this hike) is $6 per car as of this writing in 2015, during camping season only (mid-May through mid-October). Money well spent.
Distance: 7.2 miles, Up-and-Back
Approximate roundtrip time: 6 Hours
Total ascent: 2,645 ft
Max elevation: 3,780 ft above sea level
This hike is for you if: You want to see one of the best views in the Catskills, and you’re prepared to climb a big fat honking mountain to see it.