**UPDATE March 31, 2021** After doing my best to keep up with COVID-related trail closures through much of 2020, I am no longer updating this page, largely because the trails are all open again! Hooray! I’ll let this page stand here as a historical artifact of that time things were crazy and changing every day during the pandemic. Thanks to everyone who helped to keep this page current during that time. Stay safe and happy adventuring out there, everyone!

Right now, Hike the Hudson Valley features trail guides to 83 local hikes, including several that are now closed or restricted due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

It can be tough to keep track of the various closures and changes (a few more trails closed even while I was writing this article), so I’m going to do my best to keep this page updated with current and accurate information from across the Hudson Valley.

Before we get started, some caveats:

  • The safest place to be is home.  (The humans you see there might be weird, but they’re the safest humans to hang out with right now.)
  • If we all go hiking, none of us will be able to go hiking.  When trails get crowded, they have no choice but to close. (See this Hudson Valley Rail Trail Facebook post imploring people to keep their distance so they can stay open.) You can do your part by hiking sparingly (or not at all!), practicing social distancing on the trails, visiting less popular hikes, and going at less popular times.  (Sunrise is a horrible time to be awake, but it might be the best time to go hiking!)
  • If you do go hiking, please be extra careful!  Now would be about the worst time to twist an ankle or otherwise require medical treatment for a preventable accident.  (Using trekking poles is a great way to help reduce the chance of injury.  So is sitting on your couch and playing video games!)
  • The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has some excellent advice on being outside during this crisis. Please check it out before embarking on any outdoor adventures beyond your backyard: DEC and State Parks Encourage Responsible Recreation During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis
  • I’m just a dude with a website.  For official information, here are some wonderful resources from official-type people:
    • The New York State Parks homepage, which has excellent COVID-19 updates and up-to-the-minute alerts on local trail closings due to parking lots filling up

Okay, without further ado, here is all of the trail closure information I’ve been able to find to date.  As noted above, I’m just a dude with a website, so I’d appreciate any help you can give in the comments below to help keep this information current and accurate! 


Also of note:

Parking restrictions

Parking restrictions have been enacted at several popular local hikes, meaning that there are fewer available parking spots.   For our NY State Parks, that generally means that lots are reduced to 50% capacity and parks are closed after that capacity is reached, which tends to happen early in the day.  (NJ State Parks are also restricted to 50% capacity.)

Each of these parks seem to be quite good about updating their homepages when they close after the lots reach their capacity – please check their homepages before venturing out:

Also. the Dunnfield Creek parking lot (off of I-80) in the Delaware Water Gap is closed, making Mt. Tammany a little tougher to reach. See RB’s helpful comment below for more details — sounds like you can still make this hike happen if you’re willing to walk a little further from a different lot.

That’s everything that I’ve been able to track down so far. What have I missed?  Is anything here incorrect or out-of-date? Please post any updates in the comments, and I will keep this page updated regularly throughout the crisis. Thank you!

Hang in there and stay safe out there, everyone! 

Change log

As I’ve been updating this page since its original posting, it has occurred to me that it might be helpful for people to know what I’ve been changing. From May 1 forward, I’ll leave a trail of breadcrumbs here so you’ll know what’s different above.

  • October 20: Bull’s Bridge confirmed as still closed. (Thanks, Jenn!)
  • October 16: Bear Hill Preserve confirmed as still closed. (Thanks for the helpful comment, Wendy!)
  • September 25: Constitution Marsh no longer has a parking lot! (Thanks to Wendy, Chantelle, and the Constitution Marsh Audubon Center for the helpful comments!)
  • September 17: Croton Gorge Park removed from closure list (they are now open on weekends again, with the business-as-usual caveat that they may close due to the parking lot filling up)
  • August 21: Rand’s View in CT added to closure list (thanks, Virginia!)
  • August 12: Dover Stone Church removed from the closure list (thanks for the cyber-sleuthing, JC!)
  • August 11: Dover Stone Church added to closure list (thanks for the heads-up in the comments, Jeannie!)
  • July 21: Bull Hill removed from closure list. (And thanks to Jovan for the intel!) I also removed the clutter of several parks and trails that had been closed and re-opened. Thanks to everyone who has helped provide the information to keep this page as current as possible!
  • July 10: Bull’s Bridge added to closure list. (Thanks for the helpful comment on that trail guide, Patrick!)
  • July 8: Stony Kill Falls added to closure list. (Thanks for the heads-up, Todd!)
  • July 7: Bull Hill added back to closure list — the Washburn lot is apparently closed due to construction (thanks for the tip, Anna!). Doubletop and Graham Mountains in the Catskills are now removed from the closure list (instructions for accessing those mountains can be found in this post from the Catskill Interpretive Center).
  • July 6: Kaaterskill Falls is open again! (Thanks so much for the heads-up in the comments, FT!)
  • July 3: Constitution Marsh is open again! NY campgrounds are also open again for overnight reservations.
  • June 30: All DEC fire towers are open again!
  • June 24: Indian Ladder Trail at Thacher State Park is open again! (Though the waterfalls are apparently dry at the moment.)
  • June 22: Bash Bish Falls is open again. Several fire towers are now open again (listed above). Mohonk Mountain House is open for hiking again (you must purchase passes online beforehand). I also removed several references to these hikes that re-opened within the past few weeks to reduce clutter on the page: Locust Grove, Breakneck Ridge, Bull Hill, Anthony’s Nose, Mt. Beacon, Monument Mountain, Fishkill Ridge, FDR Estate, Vanderbilt Mansion, Mohonk Preserve, and Dover Stone Church. (Special thanks to Jesse’s comment below for the heads-up on Bash Bish and Ninham Mountain – much appreciated!)
  • June 17: Fixed links for the Bear Mountain State Park and Harriman State Park road closures to point to their respective homepages for more info, since the original NY-NJ Trail Conference trail alert announcing the closures is no longer accessible online.
  • June 13: Mohonk Preserve entry updated to note reopening of all trailheads (Coxing trailhead was previously excluded from the reopening.)
  • June 13: Croton Gorge Dam added to Closure list, closed only on weekends at least through July 4. (Thanks to Jeff Kent for the tip!)
  • June 10: Monument Mountain in Massachusetts is open again! (Thanks to friendly hiker Eli for the Facebook message with the heads-up!)
  • June 9: Anthony’s Nose and Fishkill Ridge are open again! Little Stony Point is also now open on weekdays only. (Thanks to Evan Thompson from NYS Parks for the details and update!)
  • June 9: Locust Grove is open again!
  • June 9: Mt. Beacon, Breakneck Ridge, and Bull Hill are open again! (Thank you for the heads-up, Angel! Breakneck and Bull Hill are indeed no longer listed as closed on the Hudson Highlands State Park homepage, and Scenic Hudson has removed reference to Mt. Beacon being closed on their parks page.)
  • June 6: Beebe Hill added to list of closed fire towers.
  • May 25: Dover Stone Church is open again! (Even though the Dover Stone Church Facebook page still says, as of today, that it is still closed, the Town of Dover website has a notice posted that it is open, and my friend Julie posted pictures taken there yesterday. Thanks, Julie!)
  • May 23: Added Ninham Mountain to the list of fire towers that are closed (though trails remain open).
  • May 23: Added Fishkill Ridge to Closure list, based on feedback from alert hiker Angel. Thanks, Angel!
  • May 21: Updated the Appalachian Trail guidance at the bottom of the Closure list from “totally closed” to “perhaps not quite as closed anymore” based on new guidance from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.
  • May 21: Closure list updated with the reopening of the trails at FDR’s estate in Hyde Park. (Thanks to Hudson Valley Exposed for the heads-up!)
  • May 20: Closure list updated with the reopening of the trails and parking lots at Vanderbilt Mansion. (Hearty thanks to Cynthia for the Facebook message alerting me to the change!)
  • May 20: Closure list updated with the re-opening of the Mohonk Preserve! Nice to see this list get headed in the other direction for a change. (See the Mohonk Preserve entry above for more details.)
  • May 17: The Closure list was getting a little unwieldy, so I alphabetized and standardized the list as much as I could. Hope that helps you track down the hikes you’re looking for! You can keep checking this Change Log for new closures as they are added (and hopefully things will quiet down on that front).
  • May 17: Removed the old reference to New Jersey State Parks being closed (and then re-opening). Trying to keep it tidy around here, and that old reference was no longer sparking joy.
  • May 16: Indian Ladder Trail in Thacher State Park added to Closure list. (Thanks, Nadia!)
  • May 16: Bear Hill Preserve added to Closure list. (Thanks for the heads-up, Nicole!)
  • May 14: Locust Grove added to Closure list. (Thanks for the helpful comment, Jo!)
  • May 14: Added Mohonk Mountain House to closure list (that’s not a new closure, but Emily’s comment made me realize that I should have listed Mohonk Mountain House separately from the Mohonk Preserve). Thanks, Emily!
  • May 9: Added footpaths at Sam’s Point to Closure list.
  • May 9: Moved Dunnfield Creek (Mt. Tammany) parking lot closure from the Closure list to the Parking restrictions list, based on RB’s helpful comment below.
  • May 8: Bash Bish Falls is (are?) closed.
  • May 8: The most popular approach to Schunemunk Mountain is now closed.
  • May 7: Updated the Closure list with the closure of the Dunnfield Creek parking area (for Mt. Tammany) in the Delaware Water Gap.
  • May 1: Updated the Closure list to reflect the reopening of New Jersey State Parks starting at dawn at May 2.

Comments (139)

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  1. Raquel

    Anyone know if the lot near Kaaterskill Trail (lower falls) on NY23A is open yet? Over the summer is was closed for contruction.

    1. ELIZABETH Parker

      Yes I am demanding FACTS about the immigration flown to the Hudson valley during the night. I read no officials had no clue and were PRINTING in the Hudson valley NEWSPAPER

      1. R. Van Winkle

        I heard they had parachuted the immigrants all over the Hudson Valley and Lower Catskills as well!
        I demand to know where I can get a copy of that pirate newspaper??

      2. Mike

        Hi, Elizabeth! I hope you find the facts you’re looking for. This site is dedicated to hiking, so I’m afraid all the facts here (and there are relatively few of them, it’s mostly dad puns) are related to exploring the local trails. If new folks are visiting the area, I bet they’ll be impressed by the abundance of natural beauty – please share this site with them if you think they might find it useful. Happy adventuring to you!

  2. Patrick McDonnell

    Hi Mike,

    I know the parking lot is closed at Anthony’s Nose so what’s the parking situation like? Where exactly can we park?



    1. Chantelle

      There isn’t a parking lot for Anthony’s Nose, at least not at the 9D trailhead. People park along 9D and it’s a bit treacherous when busy.

  3. JC

    Thanks for updating the Dover Stone Church! I was about to drive for an hour until I saw this list. I did some additional sleuthing on their Facebook page and, according to their recent reply on a Facebook comment, the trail is closed due to the storm from a couple of days ago (not due to bear activity).

    Thanks again for this awesome resource! Here’s where I got it from.

      1. Mike

        Thank you so much, JC! Really appreciate the information – thanks for digging around for it! I’ve updated the closure list with Dover Stone Church’s re-opening. (And am glad to know that it didn’t close for bear-related reasons in the first place.)

  4. John S Billias

    Any issues with the parking at Praediger Rd, trailhead for INdian Head and the Jimmy DOlan Notch? Planning for Sunday the 12th of July around 8am. Thanks! Any word on trail condfitions?

  5. FT

    This post is so helpful!

    FYI Kaaterskill Falls is open. I went this morning to the Laurel House Road parking lot. Was getting busy by around 10-10:30.

    1. Mike

      Thanks so much, FT! I just drove by on Thursday and saw that it was still closed. Your info is hot off the presses! Very much appreciated! I just updated the page above accordingly. Thank you!

  6. Jovan

    Does anyone have any advice on the time you should get to Breakneck on a weekend to avoid crowds? The group I’m going with, we live in NYC, we’re planning on taking a ~6am train to Cold Spring to then catch Ubers taking us to Breakneck. Awesome article by the way!

    1. Mike

      Hi, Jovan! Thanks for the kind words! Avoiding crowds at Breakneck on a weekend is tough to do, but a 6am train should give you a decent shot at it. You’ll likely still have plenty of company out there, especially by the time you’re coming off the trail. If you’re looking to ensure you can maintain social distancing at Breakneck, I’d recommend visiting on a weekday evening if you can swing it – this is the last hike I would attempt to do on a nice weekend day during this time, just because the trail can make it tough to avoid other people, and it has been getting mobbed on weekends. As long as you make sure to grab the earliest possible train, though, that’s probably the best plan for a Saturday visit. Whatever you decide to do, good luck out there!

  7. Lauren

    Is Bonticou Crag and table rocks closed? I saw another site that said the scramble had been closed off but I’m not seeing it on your closure list? Any insight is super helpful! Also what a wonderful site! Thank you so much for operating all of this!

    1. Mike

      Hi, Lauren! Thanks so much for the kind words! According to Ryan’s comment below, the scrambles at Mohonk are indeed open again. I also saw recent pictures from folks who were climbing the scramble at Bonticou, so you should be safe to put this one in your rotation again. (I’d also highly advise visiting at an off-peak time — this hike can get very crowded on weekends.) Happy (and safe) adventuring out there!

  8. Angel

    Hi Mike,
    I drove past Breakneck Ridge and Mt. Beacon today.
    They are open (and were also packed – there are other hikes ppl)!!! FYI

    1. Mike

      Thank you so much for the heads-up, Angel! I also saw that Bull Hill is now open. I’ve updated the page above accordingly. Really appreciate you sharing the news! And yes, I highly recommend that anyone visiting any of those hikes does it sometime other than a weekend afternoon. Let’s make use of these long days and hit some Tuesday evening hikes!

      1. Izabela

        Mike and all hikers do you know if Harriman state park is open? 

        Last Memorial Day weekend on May 24 we did 13 miles hike on East Hudson Highlands trails from Garrison to Peekskill, hiking the Appalachian, and Anthony’s Nose, Arden Point and  Sugarloaf Hill 

        Those trails are accessible for hikers on foot from both those towns but I still saw parking fenced off with red ribbon and a warning road sign where Appalachian crosses town road in Manitou (the is a small parking there on side of the road which had red ribbon) and before Arden Point (road sign). We hiked all the way to Peekskill and we saw many ppl hiking passing by East Hudson Highlands trails from Garrison up to Anthony’s Nose but not so many past those trails. 
        But again we took the Metro North train to Garrison, no car. 
        How the Fishkill Ridge looked like this past weekend?
        Is HV fully open for trails ?
        great weekend to you all

      2. Izabela

        Mike, do you know if Harriman State Park is open ?
        I was thinking to take a Metro North west of Hudson to there this weekend.
        I see its still listed in your “Closures” list.
        The East Hudson Highlands trails from Garrison Arden Point to Peekskill, that section of the Appalachian trail is open. I saw you listed Anthony’s Nose as open again. Yes it was opened back on Memorial Day weekend.
        Hopefully there wont be too much rain

        Enjoy the weekend


        1. Mike

          Hi, Izabela! Apologies for not getting a reply to you earlier! Harriman is not entirely closed, but some roads within the park are indeed still closed. Their homepage has a list of all the closures: https://parks.ny.gov/parks/145. The closure list above is getting shorter by the day, though — hopefully that trend will (safely) continue!

  9. Judith

    Thanks as always for this amazing resource – we’ve been using it every weekend with great results! (The only blah hike we’ve done since the shut-down started was one NOT from Hike the Hudson Valley) We are planning on trying out the Popolopen Torne tomorrow. From this info it doesn’t look like it’s closed, but I’m a little confused about the parking. I see that Fort Montgomery is closed, but as far as I can gather that shouldn’t affect the alternative lot you recommend here? Is that right? Many thanks!

    1. nicole

      Yes! That alternative lot is the way to go (i did P. Torne mid April or so). Get there early though as we all know Bear Mountain is a very popular spot these days. Managed to squeeze a spot at the alternative lot.

      1. Mike

        Thank you for being quicker than me with a response, and for providing some excellent first-hand info, Nicole! Very much appreciated. Hope you made it out there and had a great hike, Judith!

        1. Judith Kafka

          Yes – thanks to you both! We got one of the last parking spots at about 8:30am last Sunday. The hike was awesome – a little crowded on the climb up and down the thorne but otherwise pretty empty and beautiful. Thank you!

  10. Chantelle Detweiler

    Firstly, THANK YOU for your tireless dedication to the hiking community, your trail guides are a huge help!
    I don’t see Storm King listed here, is it open?

    Also if ever you feel like adding yet another thing to your list, I’d love a child rating on your guides. It’s hard sometimes to translate the 5, 6, 7s to how well my little guys will do (my 4.5 yo hikes and I carry my 2yo in a pack).

    Thank you!!

    1. Mike

      Thanks so much, Chantelle! Yes, Storm King is indeed open. I’d recommend checking out Mark’s comment below for a first-hand recommendation on NOT visiting at prime time (weekend afternoons).

      As for the difficulty ratings for kids, I did have kids in mind when creating the difficulty ratings (here’s a little blurb about it from the site’s FAQ), where I lumped kids and dogs together for some reason (I should really go back and edit that). In general, hikes rated a 6 or lower should be manageable with your squiggly little entourage. For anything rated a 7 or higher, I’d take a look at the difficulty explanation to see why it’s rated so high — either distance, steepness, tough terrain, or all of the above, then decide from there whether you and your crew are up for it. I hope that’s helpful! Best of luck to you and your band of hearty adventurers! (I’m jealous you still have a kid riding in the pack — it’s so heavy when you’re carrying them, but it’s such a special time. Enjoy it!)

    2. Jo Jones Sullivan

      Hi Chantelle, my seven and eight year (who are fairly avid hikers for most kids) are rating these hikes about to levels above Mike’s. Not sure if that helps ‍♀️

      1. Chantelle

        Yes thank you, we were reading one higher too.

        I’m curious, have they done breakneck? I always see families eith kids ego look like they’ve never hiked a day in their lives (flip flops, etc) and we’ve pretty much tabled that trail until the boys are 10+. I’m not sure if we’re being overly cautious. Thoughts?

        p.s. Mike – sorry, I didn’t mean to skip your kid comments! I appreciate the FAQ. I’m definitely enjoying this age but get a little nervous with them in some scenarios. This helps! 🙂

        1. Jo Jones Sullivan

          We haven’t done breakneck and going back to what Mike was saying we stick to 7 and under on his ratings. During the pandemic we also are trying to not do too much rock scrambling to lower their touch points. The do bring my sons old batting gloves though so it’s a barrier but sticky too.

  11. Aggie

    Hi Mike
    Do you know if we can camp on a trail? I know campgrounds are closed for overnight stays but wasn’t sure about trails

  12. Izabela

    Hello Mike!
    thank you for the resources you have contributed to the hiking community of Hudson Valley.
    I am trying to find a trail near Metro North on Hudson Line (east) that would be open this Memorial Day weekend. I dont have a car. I am looking for Moderate-Advanced about 7-10 mile long hike with scenic views. Please let me know what you would recommend. Do you know if the Fishkill Ridge and the White Trails are open ?
    I have found your resource to be the most helpful thus far so thank you. Please advise.
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you and all Hiking Community !

    1. Mike

      Hi, Izabela! I just added Fishkill Ridge to the Closure list, based on comments from Angel (you’ll find those comments below and on my trail guide for Fishkill Ridge). It’s odd to me that Scenic Hudson doesn’t list Fishkill Ridge as closed, since it is one of their parks, but Angel just tried that hike this week and found it closed. Sorry I don’t have better news there! Perhaps Great Swamp could be an option? The Appalachian Trail Conservancy just loosened its guidance, and you could do a nice, long hike (as long as you’d like!) from the Appalachian Trail MTA stop. My notes on that hike are here: https://hikethehudsonvalley.com/hikes/great-swamp/. Good luck out there!

      1. Izabela Gola

        Hi Mike! thank you for the reply!
        Do you know if that MTA stop operate at all times or limited only to season for this Appalachian swamp trail?
        there is another trails on Metro North for Appalachian and Nuclear Lake and the train stop is seasonal, operating during limited time and only twice a day. im afraid it might be closed right now like trains stops to Manitou or Break Neck Ridge.

        1. Mike

          That’s a great question! I tried to find out more info on the current schedule on the stop’s MTA page (https://as0.mta.info/mnr/stations/station_detail.cfm?key=167), but it just returns an error when I search for times this weekend. Sigh. Looks like that might not be a great option, either. Sorry I don’t know what other advice to give – it’s tough these days with so many closures. I hope you find a nice safe adventure somewhere!

          1. Izabela Gola

            Hi Mike,
            I am forming a hiking group of Hudson Valley fellow hikers for after HV re-opening and with all safety and distancing precautions. Do you lead a group on your own normally? Is it possible to join with a couple ppl for when the reopening will take place?

            Minnewaska and Mohonk Preserve were open on the west side of Hudson. I dont understand why Hudson valley is still shut down.
            Did anyone from fellow hikers go hiking on the East of Hudson?
            Yesterday we ended up goin to Poughkeepsie Walk-Over-the-Hudson and Mid-Hudson Bridge and hear by Freeze Park. I do not recommend the William R. Steingaus Dutchess Rail Trail btw is for bikers not for hikers. The iconic tracks are all covered under pavement and there is no sign of the history left.

            Yes, I found from MTA employer at GC that those seasonal hiking MTA stops, like Manitou which connects with Adirondack or Breakneck Ridge stations might not open until September actually. thanks for checking but I did already and also got the error page. I know that they usually operate twice a day in summer. I have the Adirondack trails from Harlem MTA line on my list for a long time. its hard to access with seasonal and limited train service though.

            thank you for all advices


          2. Mike

            Thank you for all the information, Izabela! Glad to know about the MTA service being discontinued for the seasonal stops, and appreciate you sharing that here. I do not lead hikes myself, but there is a wonderfully active Hudson Valley Hikers Meetup group that has over 40,000 members: https://www.meetup.com/hvhikers/. I bet you could wrangle up some good groups trips with them!

          3. Izabela

            Hello Mike and fellow hikers,
            Do you know of any trails that opened by now in Hudson Valley?
            How about the Fishkill Ridge ?

            Anyone knows if its open this weekend?
            Be safe and enjoy the sunny weather

          4. Mike

            Hi, Izabela! I will update the page above immediately with additional closures (and openings!) as new information becomes available. If anyone else has more current information on any of our local hikes, please let us know! Otherwise, the page is current as far as I know (including Fishkill Ridge still being closed), and I’ll continue working to keep it that way.

  13. Angel

    Hey Mike,
    I was wondering what you thought of taking the AT from route 9 at the gas station to Anthony’s nose. Have you done that? I know Anthony’s nose is closed from the popular trail heads but I should still be able to get to it from the AT?

    1. Mike

      Hi, Angel! I don’t know of that trailhead specifically, but Anthony’s Nose is closed from all access points, and you need to travel on the (closed) Camp Smith Trail to get to it from the AT, so I would recommend choosing another hike. It’s a bummer for sure, but some trails are slowly starting to open back up, so perhaps Anthony’s Nose will be available to us again before too long.

  14. Sarah

    I’ve expressed my appreciation for the work you do a couple of times over the years I’ve used your site, but reviewing this list of closures today makes me want to say it again, loud: THANK YOU! This isn’t just my favorite resource for hiking in the Hudson Valley, it’s also one of the best-organized, best-maintained, most helpful hiking resources I’ve seen anywhere.

    Thanks for taking the time to keep this up to date, and for your guidance about how to use these trails responsibly during the pandemic. Lots of gratitude!

    1. Mike

      Aw, dude! Thank you so much! If hearts have cockles in them, this comment just warmed mine. Really appreciate the kind words, Sarah! Happy adventures to you!

  15. Danielle

    Hi! Thank you so much for all this information, it is greatly appreciated! I am just wondering if the Lion’s Head Hike in CT is still open. Sorry if this information is already listed, but I could not find anything. Thank you!

    1. Mike

      Hi, Danielle! I’m really glad you asked that question! It caused me to dig around a little and find updated guidance from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). Please see the update on the Appalachian Trail above, at the bottom of the Closure list — the short version is that I *believe* Lion’s Head is open, and that the ATC has relaxed their closure stance a bit to allow for some socially-distanced, cautious trail usage. Enjoy if you (carefully!) visit!

  16. Noah

    Can someone please make a list of OPEN trails? Tough navigating all the different sites and doing process of elimination.


    1. Mike

      Hello, Noah! The list above is indeed getting a little unwieldy — there were only a few closed hikes when I started this endeavor, but it has been (unfortunately and steadily) growing ever since. Based on your comment, I took some time last night to alphabetize and standardize the list of closures. Hope that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for! (I’m afraid I don’t have a good way to display only the open hikes.)

      If you want to make the searching even easier, just limit yourself to Scenic Hudson parks. They’ve been doing their best to keep their parks open, and have only closed Mt. Beacon so far. You can find all of their parks here: https://www.scenichudson.org/explore-the-valley/our-parks/

      Hope that makes life easier for everyone. Happy (and safe) adventuring out there!

      1. Noah

        Wow! Thanks for doing that Mike!

        More importantly, as an avid hiker and advisor for a high school outdoors club, THANK YOU for all you do with your wonderful, highly informative website.


      2. Nick Sinopoli

        Hi Mike,

        Thank you for all of your continued support and insight into all of the local trails during COVID-19. You’re insight/advice has proved very helpful.

        I just wanted to ask, I have really been wanting to hike the Wittenberg & Cornell Trail….

        Do you know if there are any parking
        restrictions for the DEC parking lot off of Woodland Valley Rd? If so, do you have any insight on where I could park if they’ve restricted capacity?

        Lastly, do you know if this trail is still fully open.

        Thank you so much for your help & time.


        1. Mike

          Thank you, Nick! I don’t know of any restrictions there, except that overnight camping at Woodland Valley is still off-limits. The trails are open and everything else should be business as usual, as I understand it. If you find anything different (or if anyone has recent intel on this hike), please let us know! And if you’re going to attempt this hike on Memorial Day weekend, I recommend getting there very, very early. I don’t know of any overflow places to park where you won’t run the risk of getting ticketed, and this is likely to be a very busy weekend up there. Good luck!

  17. CG

    Breakneck Ridge is still closed and barricaded. I road past there today I believe you have an old update on the its page even though the update is dated 5/16/2020. Thank you for everything you do!

    1. Mike

      Thank you, CG! Based on your feedback, I just removed an old “Hooray, Breakneck is open!” update, from back when Breakneck had a wildfire and re-opened in March. That would have been confusing to people who just read in the previous paragraph that Breakneck was closed. Thanks for helping others to avoid that confusion — much appreciated!

  18. hannah

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this. We have been searching all day for information both about closures and about ethics and safety – to help us figure out whether to go camping and if so where. This is invaluable and we’re so grateful for the time that you are taking to do this.

  19. Erin

    Hiya! Thanks so much for providing this thorough outline – really helpful.

    I’m having a bit of trouble locating information about Allander Mountain and Race Mountain. Any knowledge if the trails are open?

    1. Mike

      Thanks, Erin! The best I can say is that I haven’t heard that they’re closed. The homepage for Mt. Washington State Forest (where both of those hikes are located) only mentions the closure of pavilions, camping, and facilities — no mention of trail closures. If the trails are closed, they really need to update that page! I suspect (but can’t promise) that they’re open. If anyone knows differently, please let me know and I’ll update this page immediately. Thanks!

    1. Mike

      Thank you, Nicole! Indeed, Bear Hill Preserve sure looks closed from that info. I’ve updated the closure list accordingly (and if anyone has different information, please let us know!).

  20. MD

    Planning on going to Storm King but if it is too busy wanted some alt options. Any recommendations of open trails near there? Is Schunnemunk State Park open?

    1. Mike

      Hi, MD! Storm King is a great hike, but if you’re going on a weekend, I think if you’re not there by 9am, you’ve already missed the boat. It has been getting mobbed there. Please see the Schunemunk warning in the closure list above — the park is not closed, but the most popular approach is. Black Rock Forest is a great option, but if you’re going on a weekend, I’d get there very early. My blanket advice these days is to NOT go hiking on weekend afternoons, and either get up at the crack of dawn on weekends, or use these nice long days to visit on weekdays or weekday evenings. Good luck out there!

    1. Mike

      Hi, Joy! Scenic Hudson’s website still says this: “All Scenic Hudson parks remain open with the exception of Mount Beacon.” That should mean that the Sunnyside Rd parking area for Fishkill Ridge is still open. (https://www.scenichudson.org/explore-the-valley/scenic-hudson-parks/fishkill-ridge/) That is concerning that the Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve lists Fishkill Ridge as closed, though. I just checked that page, and they do NOT specifically call out the Overlook Trail or White Trail up to Lambs Hill. I suspect that these trails are open, but I don’t know for sure, and I’d hate for you to have a bad day because I made a bad guess. I also just checked Scenic Hudson’s map, and I think it clearly shows the Lamb’s Hill hike does NOT venture into the (closed) Hudson Highlands State Park: http://www.scenichudson.org/wp-content/uploads/legacy/u2/fishkillridge-webmap.jpg. So I think this one is still good to go! (But, of course, if anyone knows otherwise, please let us know!)

      1. Joy

        Thank you!! Your website has been a lifesaver. Thank you for taking the time to keep it updated and responding to all the comments!

        1. Louisa Gorbatov

          Hi Joy,

          Did you end up going to Fishkill Ridge? I’m hoping to go tomorrow, but wasn’t sure if it was open.

          1. Joy

            I haven’t yet, was planning on going this weekend. Let me know how it is if you go?

          2. Izabela

            Hello Joy and Louisa and fellow hikers, were you able to on the Fishkill Ridge trail or White trail near Beacon? Are they open?

            Fellow hikers, anyone knows where to go hiking on a 9-10 mile moderate/advanced scenic hike near Metro North train that would be open ? I would very much appreciate advise. I dont have a car.

            I am considering Beacon for tomorrow, Sunday, or William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail in Poughkeepsie. this one is open I presume according to this website. Let me know any recommendation you might have!

            Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  21. Jo Jones Sullivan

    Thank you so much, this is incredibly useful! You just saved me over an hour drive each way to Great Barrington tomorrow.
    I assume it’s still closed but just a heads up when I went to Locust Grove. Couple of weeks ago it was shutdown. Hope this helps. Thanks for all your great info!

    1. Mike

      Thank you, Jo! That’s really nice to hear — glad this page saved you the drive. I’ve updated the list with Locust Grove’s closure, thanks to your intel. Maybe you just saved someone else a drive to Poughkeepsie 🙂 Thank you!

      1. Mike

        Nadia, thank you for the heads-up! Yes, indeed, sure looks as though it’s closed. I’ve added it to the list above. Much appreciated!

  22. Emily

    hello! thank you so much for your updates and clarification on the trails! do you know if lemon squeeze is still closed? thank you in advance!

    1. Mike

      You bet, Emily! And yes, I’m afraid the Mohonk Mountain House is closed, and so are its trails. Your comment made me realize that I should have listed this closure separately from the Mohonk Preserve, so I’ve updated the list above. Thanks for helping to make this page more accurate! (And sorry I didn’t have better news.)

    1. Mike

      Hi, Juliana! Yes indeed, it is included in the closure list above. It was getting absolutely mobbed, and they had to shut it down for now. 🙁

  23. Geena Diguilio

    Was wondering about status of Black rock forest/ storm king state park? I don’t think I saw it listed as closed?

    1. April

      I have a friend who went hiking at storm king last Thursday 5/7 and said it was open! I am planning on going tomorrow .. trying to find a phone # to call in the morning to double check

      1. Geena DiGuilio

        UPDATE: It is open, I went this Sunday. It was just chilly enough to keep away the crowds. I found an automated phone system And called before going, parking is currently free but I would get there early before it fills up because space is limited.

  24. Christine

    I believe you can count red wing recreation area as technically closed since the gates are always closed and locked? I know there are unofficial ways to walk in but do locked gates count as closed?

    1. Mike

      Hi, Christine! Those gates are almost always closed and locked even in normal times. As long as you don’t block the gates, you should be fine (there’s plenty of room to park off to the side). Tracy Rakin just posted a beautiful shot from Red Wing, taken yesterday, to the site’s Facebook page, so I believe the trails there are still open. If that’s incorrect, I hope someone will let us know here. Otherwise, happy adventuring out there!

      1. Alena

        Just verifying that Red Wing Recreation Area is still open, though there’s quite a few trees down (as of 08/09/2020).

  25. Nicole

    Hi, was just wondering if there’s any updates on Mt. Tammany? I know it was closed before, just wanted to see if it was open as of this month?

    1. Michelle

      Thank you so much for this site! We are always looking for hikes. Croton Gorge and Croton Point were very busy last weekend. I would avoid them on weekends. Parking lot at Croton Gorge was closed on and off throughout the day.

    2. Mike

      Hi, Nicole! I was finally able to find some information on Mt. Tammany, buried on their closure page: https://www.nps.gov/dewa/planyourvisit/conditions.htm. The Dunnfield Creek parking lot on I-80 is closed, which makes my trail guide for Mt. Tammany not very useful for the time being. There are apparently other nearby parking areas that remain open, but I’m afraid I’m not familiar with them. Hope that helps!

    3. RB

      Mt Tammany was open last Sunday, May 3. Parking on westbound I-80 is closed, but rangers route you across the highway to DWG parking lot; It’s an extra 0.3-0.5 mile walk to the trailhead.

      1. Mike

        Thanks so much, RB! I’ve just moved Mt. Tammany from the “Closure” list to the “Parking restrictions” list based on your comment. Much appreciated!

  26. JP

    Hi – thank you so much for all of this. Do you know if Storm King Mountain Hike is open? Thank you.

    1. Mark Bistro

      I wouldn’t go to Storm King on the weekends, I was at Black Rock down the raod from there last saturday and when I drove by Storm King about 2 pm, there must have been 250 cars on both sides of the road with people walking across the road jumping over the center divider!! VERY unsafe!!! It is open but I would go midweek.

    2. Mike

      Hi, JP! Storm King is indeed open, but I would definitely heed Mark’s advice. I would not go there on a weekend unless you plan to get there very, very early. Hope you can find a good time to visit — good luck!

    1. Mike

      Hi, Raina! Cat Rocks is part of the Appalachian Trail, so I believe it would fall under the guidance for the AT above — not barricaded off like Mt. Beacon and some of the other closed hikes around here, but we’re strongly encouraged not to visit.

      1. Mark Bistro

        I went today, BUT GO EARLY!!! When we arrived there were only about 10 cars if that about 9 am, when we left at 1ish, there must have been at 50 at the least. We actually past a group of about 20 hikers all together on the trail as we came down, again, UNSAFE and this is why they are closing all of the trails!!

    1. Louise McCoy

      They also towed cars that were parked on both sides of the road even though there are no parking signs all up and down the road. They closed the 2 trailheads that are accessible from the Taylor road parking lot because you have to cross the railroad tracks to get to Schunnemunk mt. That was never an issue until some hikers decided it would be fun to walk across the elevated trestle and as they did a commuter train came across the narrow, one rail track!

  27. Brian Merlen

    Hi, is the devils path closed (or Indian head and mountains that are part of it)? It’s hard to keep track of what’s open and I’m debating just driving to New Hampshire instead if it’s too difficult to hike in NY easily. Thx

    1. Mike

      Hi, Brian! Those trails are open, as far I know. They’d show up on the NY-NJTC Trail Alerts page if they closed, and there’s nothing there now. If you go on a nice weekend day, I’d highly recommend getting there as close to dawn as possible to avoid crowds. Good luck!

  28. Peter

    Hi there,

    By any chance you would know anything about Croton Gorge Park / dam area?
    Couldn’t get any Clear info of their website in regards to possible closure of this park.

    1. Mike

      Hi, Peter! I haven’t heard anything about a closure here, and their homepage doesn’t mention one. I assume this means the park is open – if anyone has information otherwise, please let us know and I’ll update the list above. Thanks!

      1. Mark Bistro

        I was there yesterday, the dam was flowing like I have never seen and have been there many many times! Light foot traffic, just practice social distance.

          1. Mark Bistro

            I didn’t see anything that was closed. Not sure of grills, but saw many picnic tables all around the lower dam area that were available

    1. Mike

      Hi, Alexa! As far as I know, the only legal place to park for Indian Brook Falls is the small lot at Constitution Marsh, which is now closed. I believe that means that the falls are closed as well. (For good measure, I’ll swing this answer past the park manager, so he can correct me if I’m wrong.)

        1. Mike

          Hi Suzi! Scenic Hudson has singled out Mt. Beacon for closure amongst all of its 44 parks, so I’d recommend choosing another destination entirely for the time being. It’s most definitely a bummer, but those are the rules for now. Good luck through all of this!

    2. Mike

      Alexa, I did indeed receive confirmation from the park manager, and Indian Brook Falls is included in the closure. I’ve added it to the list, alongside Constitution Marsh.

    1. Mike

      Hello, Mahevah! I originally listed the Dunnfield Creek lot at Mt. Tammany as closed on this page (it was closed at the beginning of this crisis), but then deleted it — right now, the official Delaware Water Gap page (https://www.nps.gov/dewa/planyourvisit/conditions.htm) notes that all facilities are closed, but trails and parking areas are open. No mention of a Dunnfield lot closure. The recent posts on the park’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DelWaterGapNPS/) also seem to suggest that the park is open, but wildly overcrowded on weekends (with parking lots shutting down around 10:15am). If you do visit here, I’d definitely only visit at an off-peak time (weekdays, and very early or very late in the day). Hope that helps – be safe!

  29. MLM

    Although parking has been limited, somewhat, at Breakneck Ridge there are still crowds of people showing up on nice days to hike this trail. NO ONE I’VE SEEN GOING TO AND FROM THE BNR TRAILHEADS IS WEARING A MASK!!!
    Efforts to close and/or limit access to BNR trails by local leaders (Cold Spring and Philipstown) have been ignored and rebuffed by DEC officials and limitations seem to rely on hikers’ willingness to comply.
    The limited parking is creating parking problems throughout Cold Spring and Philipstown and visitors are still wandering our streets-largely without wearing personal protection.
    People need to know that if you are injured or lost on the trail, members of the Cold Spring VOLUNTEER fire department are the ones dispatched to rescue you. Thus, you put THEM in danger of COVID-19 AND their families. Some volunteers are expressing reluctance to answer calls for help on the trails, so it’s likely you might just have to get yourself down the mountain with your broken leg, twisted ankle, or find your way back to the road in the dark on your own.
    Please say home and stop the spread.

    1. Mike

      Hi, MLM – I saw some videos of the parking situation along 9D last weekend, and it looked like a nightmare. Breakneck closed this week, along with all of the other trailheads along 9D, as a result of the issues there. The closure list above is updated with the latest, along with a link to the NY-NJ Trail Conference trail alert on the closures.

    1. Mike

      Hi, Rachel! According to the Silver Sands homepage (https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/State-Parks/Parks/Silver-Sands-State-Park), looks like the park itself is open, but the main connector boardwalk is closed, since it is too narrow to allow for proper distancing. “The public will still be allowed to access the beach, the entire boardwalk along the beach, and can access the main parking lot by other trails in the park. Park signage will be added to direct visitors to alternate trails to access the beach.” Good luck through all of this!

  30. Dan

    Great list, thanks so much. I’m a solo-hiker. Is there a list I can see of hikes that are still open as of May 2020?

    Thanks Mike!

    1. Mike

      Hi, Dan — thank you! I’m afraid my site doesn’t have the capability to filter out just the hikes that are open, but I do link to the list above from every trail guide on the site (at the top of the “Background” section for each hike), so when you find a hike you want to do, you can just pop over here to do a quick check. Not a perfect solution, but I promise to update this page quickly when there are changes (and appreciate everyone’s help in catching any changes that need to be documented above). Happy (and safe) adventuring out there!

    1. Mike

      Paul! First off, wonderful to hear from you (note to everyone else: Paul and I know each other IRL). Thanks so much for the tip — I’ve updated the list with FDR’s closure, just below Vanderbilt. Much appreciated. Hope all is well with you!

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